EMSCULPT, the only non-invasive treatment that delivers targeted fat loss and builds muscle at the same time.

  • EMSCULPT gets rid of unwanted fat without surgery
  • It gives you defined abs that will take you 6 months or more in the gym
  • Gives your bum a lift without the squats
  • Strengthens your thighs and hamstrings
  • Improves and regenerates muscle tone

And this is all done without any surgery. No knives, no downtime.

Just book, sculpt and get the fab body you’ve always wanted.

There is no such thing as spot reduction… Or is there?

EMSCULPT uses a revolutionary new technology that breaks down fat and sculpts the area you want to tone.

Do you want defined abs? No problem, the EMSCULPT machine gives you the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in one session!

What about a perky, firm, and round butt without going through a Brazilian butt lift surgery or using tiresome shapewear and padding? No need for fillers or implants either.

EMSCULPT is the solution to getting a natural-looking butt lift without the pain and the scars. A tight, toned, and perky butt all rolled into one treatment.

Diastasis Recti is where the abdominal muscles split. EMScuplt can help to pull them back together. EMSculpt will also reduce fat in the abdominal area by around 17%.

It gives your muscles a rigorous workout that destroys your fat cells and boosts your metabolism.

It takes only 4 half-hour sessions a couple of days apart. The complete transformation is visible after 3 months as your fat cells break down and muscle strengthens.

The choice is yours – 200 sit-ups every day for a whole year or a single session of EMSCULPT?

EMSCULPT even has applicators for arms and legs Say goodbye to jiggly biceps and triceps. Define, sculpt, contour, and build muscle in just 4 miraculous sessions without any:

  • Painful surgery
  • Long, winded preps
  • Recovery time
  • Bruising and scars

You don’t have to arrange support or help for the procedure. You can easily fit it in on the weekend or between work. It’s that easy! No one even needs to know.

Get EMSCULPT treatment to speed up your weight loss and increase muscle. Or get it done to contour areas that you aren’t happy with. It is:

  • Pain-free
  • FDA approved
  • Shows visible results
  • No side-effects
  • Works for both men and women
  • The only non-invasive treatment for fat loss and building muscle

As compared to other fat loss treatments that only focus on fat loss, EMSCULPT claims to reduce fat by almost 16% and increase muscle by 18%. It also tightens the skin and strengthens the core. You can use EMSCULPT to support your diet and exercise regime to get superior results.

EMSCULPT helps with back pain because of the stimulation to the muscles during the treatment. It strengthens the core and is highly effective at relieving back pain! It also offers an additional completely non-invasive option for urinary incontinence issues as there is a separate attachment for working the pelvic floor muscles. See our vaginal rejuvenation treatment page.

Other fat loss procedures involve going under the knife or invasive machines that result in higher recovery time. They are also more suitable for people looking to lose fat from larger areas. That puts a strain on the body and requires additional treatments for skin tightening and contouring.

You have to improve the muscle tone the old-fashioned way by spending hours at the gym with a restrictive diet and supplements.

EMSCUPLT combines fat loss with toning and sculpting to give it all to you in one effective and safe procedure.

The body you’ve always wanted is now within reach. Click now for more information on our EMSCULPT Procedures.


EMSCULPT uses HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to induce muscle contractions. These are powerful supramaximal contractions that force the muscle tissue to adapt to the intensity of the pulses. The high-intensity pulses activate the muscles to work 20,000 times in 30 minutes.

That means that the muscles are being worked at 100%, not the 50% you get every time you do a sit-up or a squat.

And all this happens when you are lying down!

The muscles can’t voluntarily work at such a rapid pace, so they adapt and restructure, thickening and strengthening your core and glutes.

The muscles signal the fat cells to break down and secrete fatty acids that are then processed and flushed out of your system naturally. The EMSCULPT machine also breaks down the lactic acid released by the contractions, safely removing it from your body so that there are no painful side effects.

Another upside of the EMSCULPT treatment is that even after the 4 sessions, your muscles continue to regenerate and strengthen, giving you a higher fat burning with your routine workout. The new, improved muscle tone boosts your body’s strength and endurance, upping your game in the gym.


An EMSCULPT session is a quick, painless 30-minute procedure in the clinic. You lie down, and the EMSCULPT’s device is strapped on your abdomen, buttocks, or whichever area you want to target. The clinician will start up the machine, keeping the power level at 50%.

The power level will slowly be adjusted and levelled up during each session. Starting with a high pulse rate on your very first session can cause stress to the body. It will also take some time for your body to adjust to the short, rapid contractions that work your muscles.

The clinician will gradually increase the intensity of the contractions in line with your tolerance and comfort level, building up to 20,000 contractions.

The treatment alternates from rapid, forceful vibrations to a slower tapping. The slower pulses break down the lactic acid and flush out the toxins caused by the strenuous work out of the muscles.

Apart from the initial discomfort and the alien sensation of the powerful contractions on your abdominal or buttock area, the process is painless. There is no bruising, although you might experience slight soreness right after the treatment. There is only the sensation of having gone through an intense workout without the sweat and the hard work.

For maximum success rate, you need to get 4 treatments spaced out over a couple of weeks. Results are visible after only the first session. The muscle tone and fat loss will continue to improve over the next 3 months:

  • as the muscle regenerates and strengthens
  • which will boost your metabolism
  • and accelerate fat burning

Why does EMSCULPT have such a high Success Rate?

EMSCULPT is the only non-invasive fat loss treatment that:

  • Encourages muscle growth and regeneration
  • Break down fat cells

It continues to work six months post-treatment, burning fat and making your muscles stronger. Other weight loss procedures only take out the fat, but EMSCULPT works the muscles to lose the fat.

Muscles make up 35% of our body. EMSCULPT boosts our body’s natural muscle function with the supramaximal contractions to give results unmatched by other fat loss and toning treatments.



EMSCULPT is suitable for any active, healthy man or woman. It is recommended for people:

looking to eliminate fat from targeted areas on their body

Who are close to their ideal weight

And follow a regular exercise regimen.

If you want to:

  • Eliminate stubborn areas of fat from specific parts of your body
  • Improve body muscle mass
  • Amp up fat burning and metabolism
  • Reduce joint and back pain
  • Fix your posture
  • Take your fitness regimen to a new level
  • Want perfectly sculpted defined abs
  • Not use invasive methods to lose weight and contour their body

And if you don’t have the time to prep for surgery and the recovery afterward, EMSCULPT is the solution.

Book a free consultation with one of our clinicians to find out if EMSCULPT is the treatment for you based on your health and fitness goals.

EMSCULPT is not recommended for pregnant women and people who have metal devices such as a pacemaker, rods, metal IUD, plates implanted inside their body.

Candidates with a higher BMI can still opt for EMSCULPT. It will strengthen and improve their muscle definition, but the fat will cover the muscles and hide the results. It is advised to come as close as possible to your ideal BMI before going for an EMSCULPT treatment.

Click here for more details on our EMSCULPT, cryotherapy treatments, and other regenerative procedures.


The results differ with everyone. For best results, consult our practitioners for a customised plan that visualises your ideal body dreams into a reality.

  • Work your core
  • Strengthen your glutes
  • Lift and firm your buttocks
  • Tone your arms
  • Shape your calves
  • Contour your body

It is all possible with the EMSCUPLT machine and applicators in as little as 2 weeks for the treatment and 3 months for the complete result.

Enjoy the EMSCULPT results for up to 12 months with no aftercare and maintenance drugs and fillers, only a session or 2 in between.

Enter a new realm of fitness and fat burning with the revolutionary muscle-building technology with EMSCULPT.

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