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4D HIFU Treatment Provides A Non-Surgical Facelift

As women, “turkey neck” is one of the signs of ageing we dread the most. 4D HIFU is the best non surgical procedure available for addressing this issue. The treatment is pain free, non invasive and requires no downtime. In the majority of cases only one treatment is...

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Skin Needling – Get The Glow!

Following successful completion of EMF Hair, Beauty & Nail Training Academy’s Skin Needling course, we are now able to offer this amazing treatment. Skin Needling is the one stop anti-ageing skin treatment, suitable for men and women, on the face, neck or body. In...

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What Is Cupping Therapy?

What Are The Uses Of Cupping Therapy? Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine which involves a therapist places special cups made out of either silicone, earthenware, bamboo or glass. Cupping therapy dates back to the mid 16th century so it isn’t a new...

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Cryotherapy Barnsley Become Ambassadors Of Tropics

We’re really pleased to announce that we will now be ambassadors for the amazing brand that is Tropics. All of the products are vegan, cruelty free and environmentally conscious. You will be able to order products either in clinic, via our Facebook page or via...

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How To Stop Urinary Incontinence?

What Is Bladder Weakness?  Urinary incontinence or bladder weakness (resulting in the loss of bladder control) is a common problem that is defined as leakage of urine due to weak bladder control. It results in a woman urinating when...

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How Does Physical Pain Affect Mental Health?

Many studies have shown that there’s a positive correlation between physical pain and mental health issues. A little bit of discomfort from cutting your finger is unlikely to cause any significant psychological symptoms.

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