Women’s Wellness – Self-Care is Not Just Physical – it Starts From Within

A woman’s health is just not limited to her physical condition. It encompasses her entire being. It’s not about how well she is living. It’s about how she feels about her life. That includes the effects of her relationships, work, self-fulfilment and more.

Health and wellness are two parts of the same coin. You can’t be physically fit without being mentally healthy. And you can’t have either without giving some time to yourself every day.

How many females do you know who put their needs first? Who takes a couple of minutes or an hour out of the whole day for themselves? 

Women’s health issues begin when they don’t give time to themselves.

Does it have to be so challenging to take out time for themselves?

Women are natural multi-taskers. They effortlessly juggle family, work, and the ensuing responsibilities simultaneously. And keep putting off what is essential to their health and wellness.

Like maybe go to the spa once in a while. Or sleep in and take it easy for a day.

How about taking six months off work when you have a baby? Yeah right!

Most women tend to put themselves last. It’s just that when you’re done with all your workday and family chores, even soaking in a hot tub feels like too much work. 

No matter how busy you are or how tired you feel, taking a couple of minutes out of the day to let yourself breathe, think, rest, or just let yourself be. It is essential to a women’s mental health and well-being. 

The same goes for your physical well-being. Eating well, taking your vitamins, and getting in some exercise should be a priority, not an afterthought.

Why is self-care so important for women?

Women have always been the caretakers or nurturers in families. For a long time now, they’ve also had the additional title of providers along with their existing responsibilities. 

Your day becomes a wild race to get things done, from getting the kids to school to getting to work on time. It is crucial to your physical and mental health to take care of yourself. It will give you the peace and quality of life you deserve. To achieve that you must:

Identify your physical, emotional, and social needs.

And learning how to meet them.

We should learn to maintain a balance between caring for ourselves and everyone else. That will allow you to take care of your health and cater to your emotional needs. 

Good health is the foundation you build your life on. Read on to find out some ways to practice a little self-love in your life.


There is no manual for self-care that clues you up about what to do or not do. It’s about doing things that make you feel happy or at peace. Things that give you pleasure or feel good for you. It’s not about what people think of fulfilling material needs. 

And it all begins with finding out what you want. NOT what others want from you.

You can start by:

  1. Give yourself some quality me-time every day

Take some time out for yourself during the day. It can be 5 minutes, or it can be an hour. But it should be solely devoted to you. That means uninterrupted ‘me time’ without children knocking on your door or getting phone calls from work or demanding family.

Just sit and relax and give yourself a reprieve from the constant demands and obligations. Clear your mind. Enjoy a cup of tea or take a short nap. Read a couple of pages from your favourite book. 

Do anything that gives you a few moments of well-deserved peace. It will also have a positive impact on your health.

The little things you do everyday do matter. Much of feeling better in your life involves making good choices and long-term gratification rather than feeling good short-term. There’s a compound effect of doing good things over time and really pay off.

2. Let go of the feelings of guilt

Women are usually made to feel guilty if they put their needs before everyone else. You need to understand that doing things for yourself doesn’t make you a selfish person. Let go of the guilt that your needs matter. You matter. If you are tired and stressed out all the time, it will harm you, both physically and mentally.

And that will leave you in no condition to fulfil your obligations or enjoy your life.

So throw away the feelings of guilt and make self-care a priority because if you don’t take care of yourself, no one will.

3. Stay active and healthy with regular exercise

Physical health and fitness is an essential component of being healthy and happy. If your body is in good shape, it will boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

And don’t forget the health benefits that come with working out or going to the gym. Exercise releases the endorphins in your blood and makes you feel happy. Furthermore, an active lifestyle boosts your immunity and protects you from diseases. If we can’t find the motivation to do it alone, we should join a women’s health clinic or support group where you meet like-minded women who can support each other. If you’re unable to get out and about, there are online alternatives available.

Forget everything else, including the inflated expectations of others on your appearance. Workout because it will keep you healthy and make you feel good about yourself.

4. Pick an activity that gives you joy

What do you like to do? Read, sculpt, whittle, walk, gaze at the stars, meditate, play the guitar – anything. Choose activities that make you feel happy or centred. Having a hobby you love helps ground you. It roots out feelings of negativity and makes you feel content.

Practice mindfulness by meditating or doing yoga in the morning or before you go to sleep at night. Such activities take away the feelings of stress and anxiety and replace them with peace and calmness.

And when you feel centred, your priorities are easier to align, and the decision making doesn’t feel so difficult.

5. Make time for loved ones and friends

The weight of responsibilities and obligations can feel like an obstruction in your windpipe that won’t let you breathe. It can take out the fun and lightness from your life and leave only doom and gloom.

At that point, you need friends who understand you. Don’t shut out people to who you can pour your heart out. Difficult times will end, but friends are forever. Lean on them and go out with them, even if it’s just for morning coffee or a train ride to work.

6. Kick out the toxicity from your life

We all have toxic people around us whose sole purpose in life is to bring you down. It’s in your best interests to kick such people out of your life and put earphones in when they’re around.

Toxic people breed feelings of guilt, shame, and failure. Don’t let them prey on your fears and create a negative environment around you.

7. Bring out the bucket list

Don’t keep waiting for the perfect opportunity or moment to do things. Take out your bucket list and make a resolution to do at least one every couple of months. Take life by the reigns, gather your courage and start living it little by little for yourself, not only for others.

8. Don’t be scared of asking for help

Women are more likely to experience depression than men. If you feel sad, agitated, and depressed often, then seek out the help you need. You can’t be strong all the time. Recognise the signs of depression and how they affect your health. Find a women’s mental health clinic with qualified therapists to get things back in perspective again.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Having an unbiased and unobjective perspective helps clear the fog of negativity and depression. Regain your focus and feel motivated again.

9. Set limits

Where does it all end? When can you say, “That’s enough!” and “I can’t take it anymore.” Constant stress and negativity take a toll on your health.

To maintain control over your life, you must set boundaries. You need to draw lines that define your limits. It ensures that no one tramples on you or takes advantage of you.

It also helps you reel yourself in when you realise that you’re going down a path that is detrimental to your well-being. People who care about you will never ask you to cross boundaries that you’re not comfortable with. Hence, it makes the distinctions between well-wishers and toxic people easier. 

Focus on your health

Physical health has a considerable impact on how you live your life. Poor health or recurring medical ailments wear you down. You must recover and find the will to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

And that’s something that can’t be done alone. Whether you are in recovery following an accident or an older injury, finding support is essential. Look for a ‘women’s health physio near me’ to feel independent again. Fight your way back by never giving up, no matter how difficult the road ahead is.

As mentioned above, women usually take on more caring roles than men. Women’s health UK statistics state that out of 6.5 million unpaid carers, 3.34 million (58%) are women. Another disturbing fact is that globally, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women, not men. 

Don’t become one of the millions of women in the stats above. It is time to become a woman who is healthy, both physically and mentally. Find support groups, search for a women’s health clinic near me, and lean on people who care for you. Become the woman you’re meant to be – the best posible version of yourself. It’s a lifelong journey of self-improvement.